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Measuring SUQ (Subjective User Quality) builds the foundation for a significant reduction in OPEX. Where traditional quality measures strive for an optimal technical performance, SUQ aims to optimize perceived performance. Technical perfection has always been a long- term objective. The expectation behind this is that user experience is higher when smooth processes avoid all kinds of friction and bottlenecks. However, since technical perfection is becoming more and more of a reality, the respective effect on customer experience is not showing up. After significant investment into quality, network managers can lack the right insights, comparing their QoE and RUM indicators to what the users report.

Metrinomics systematically measures the difference between technical and required performance, analyzing usage, perception, and behavior patterns in the background. The resulting models are being used to predict the demand and network usage in the near future, along with the subjective quality criteria of their users.

In making this information available for Network Management Systems, the Metrinomics SUQ system supports a network policy that is optimized for Subjective Quality, and especially for the subjective quality aspects that drive customer behavior, with a focus on the robust long-term business relations. As in most instances, subjective quality is inferior to technical perfection, and the resulting effect is a reduction in OPEX, at the same time as quality perception on the user side is at its highest possible point.