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MAGIOLA – instant customer analytics

All quality is finally (and only) subjective

How can network services that run on a nearly 100% quality level (technically), receive a quality rating by users that is 20-50% lower? Magiola measures quality in the context of usage, as user experience. We process data in a special way to create working models to support or automate decisions. This is especially relevant when services have to be adapted to create an excellent experience or outstanding value.

Magiola is a data collection and processing partner. Magiola tracks the full quality chain, end-to-end, combining subjective, individual perceptions of quality with technical data. In addition Magiola classifies context, mood, and the usage environment. The result of the analysis is an output of signals, alarms, and triggers that serve to direct or correct elements in terms of service orchestration, app optimization, or process adaptation.

We condense the digital customer journey

Or even better, we re-build it as a defined logic. The customer journey is the basic raw material used for service orchestration. It provides the quality measurement points along the interaction chain and needs to be logically consistent. We take care to provide reliable customer experience data. It is important to know where the user comes from, what the user is up to because a good customer journey tells the whole story.

We simplify the data environment

Big Data can be filtered down to a smaller amount when it comes to customer behavior. Simple rules apply to many cases of customer behavior. The rules are essential to drive action in an automated or assisted way. But they are also essential in forming a day-to-day reference for the use of Big Data, which can be reduced to a small amount of smart data.

We ground the QoE index with a reference

QoE has become a widely used indicator of customer experience. It uses technical measures that obviously have an impact on customer experience. However, we extend QoE values by using a subjective quality reference that takes into account the conditions under which the technical quality has to prove itself.

We integrate all sources into one single flow

We are specialists in finding common ground within data of different origins and characters. We integrate technical data with attitudinal, experiential data with locational. We work with CRM and automated marketing. And from all these sources, we create a consistent data file that best represents the user and customer at a single point in time.

A system that learns and tells you why

Once Magiola starts to track data and analyze the underlying success patterns in customer perception, it also starts to track the changes. Changes lead to corrective data which help to adjust services as part of a learning process. It is important to identify the drivers of change and to use them to adjust the business and take advantage of new opportunities.

Improve precision of service offerings

Subjective data is that data that is perceived by an individual customer. It is essential to understand and predict user behavior. Unfortunately statistics and QoE measures do not really help in a single case. Therefore Magiola integrates actual communication and personal interaction data and uses machine learning to classify each case. As a result, Magiola improves the hit rate by 40% in comparison with “synthetic” measures.

Our services

We identify, track and analyze customer interaction data for

  • corridor monitoring, triggering and signaling
  • quality measurement and success evaluation
  • service orchestration, strategy automation
  • monitored learning/updating

Magiola services are cloud based m2m data streams

To whom we cater
… to network based service and application providers

  • that want their service to adapt to user conditions
  • that want to automate through corrective actions
  • that want to raise their customer value step by step
  • that follow the idea of loyalty and sustainability in customer relations
Subjective vs. Objective

The customer is key, also when the service is a technical. Perceived quality must be compared with ‘objective’ quality, to ​track problems back to their roots. Read our white paper ‘Subjective vs. Objective Data’, talking about the ruling reality – whether that of people or of systems? Well, it is not a contradiction as such.

Magiola generate, integrate and analyse subjective customer data like

Instant experience

Instand demand

Instant subjective value

Instant satisfaction

Long term loyalty

Emotional bond

and create signals for optimized value /optimized service in direct customer interaction