We condense the digital customer journey

Or even better, we re-build it as a defined logic. The customer journey is the basic raw material used for service orchestration. It provides the quality measurement points along the interaction chain  and needs to be logically consistent. We take care to provide reliable customer experience data. It is important to know where the user comes from, what the user is up to because a good customer journey tells the whole story.

All quality is finally (and only) subjective

How can network services that run on a nearly 100% quality level (technically), receive a quality rating by users that is 20-50% lower? Magiola measures quality in the context of usage, as user experience. We process data in a special way to create working models to support or automate decisions. This is especially relevant when services have to be adapted to create an excellent experience or outstanding value.

Magiola is a data collection and processing partner. Magiola tracks the full quality chain, end-to-end, combining subjective, individual perceptions of quality with technical data. In addition Magiola classifies context, mood, and the usage environment. The result of the analysis is an output of signals, alarms, and triggers that serve to direct or  correct elements in  terms of service orchestration, app optimization, or process adaptation.